Trasmettitore di livello


Our instrument is designed for measurement of level, interface or density, of liquids, with high accuracy even under severe conditions as high pressure, high temperatures, corrosive liquids, foams, agitators, steams.
The ruggedised design, high reliability, easy configuration locally by LCD or via digital communication, long design life and freedom from maintenance, reduce the effective costs running your plant and increase in profitability.


Series LE-EH torque tube level instrument is designed to measure continuously level, interface or density for process and tank control.
Its outstanding technical data and performance makes it to one of the best Leven Instruments in the market.

The Instrument theory is based on the Archimedes buoyancy principle, and it is couples with the latest communication protocols as HART, PROFIBUS and FIELBUS, so where the reliability of the time and experience meets the result of research and technology applied on the field. It is very tough, has a really long life cycle and requires a limited maintenance.

Different styles of mounting and installations are available depending on customer’s request and need, and a wide range of materials allows the optimal solution even to very aggressive process applications.
The LE-EH series is flexible to process temperature and pressure, Area classifications, and communication protocols and control system;
body can be painted as per our standard procedures, but also customers’ ones are very much welcome and performed on request. The outstanding market reputation of Endress + Hauser joins here the absolute proved solidity and experience of Leam mechanics, making the LE-EH smart level transmitter the last born and most updated solution, for all your needs.



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