LEAM Srl is a company established in 2008 with twenty years of experience in the field of non-ferrous materials. We currently supply the following fields: electromechanical, power generation, naval, railway, automation, oil & gas and many other fields.

We manufacture rough and/or finished parts according to customers’ drawings in the following materials: aluminium, copper, bronze, brass, nickel silver, stainless steel, titanium and lead. To do this, we start from parts derived from: static melting, centrifugate, continuous casting, shell casting, forging and laminate.

In addition, we complete the activities with surface treatments, such as:

  • Tin plating;
  • Silver plating;
  • Nickel plating;
  • Chrome plating;
  • Painting.

Contact us for more information about our work or to receive a free quote. We are based in Turbigo, in the province of Milan.

We have licensed personnel for welding and braze welding and, if required in addition to supplies, we provide inspection plansnon-destructive testingLP – UT – RX, with issuance of the relevant test certificates in accordance with customer specifications.

Since 2011, LEAM, has been equipped with a UNI EN ISO9001 Quality System with a view to total customer satisfaction, the company’s primary goal.

Our production includes activities of:

  • Turning machining process with motorized numerical control tools.
  • Machining on machining centers.
  • Bending and drilling on thick bars.
  • Bent, brazed and insulated copper tube/braided connectors.
  • Full penetration welding.
  • Balancing.
  • Assembly of mechanical components.

In addition, since 2013, in order to seek new opportunities in International markets in the Oil & Gas industry, we have been building a Torque Tube Level Transmitter under our own brand namein agreement with the German company Endress&Hauser for the electronic parts.